An Automotive Customer’s Journey

The Challenge

The customer’s part was designed for a pressure die-casting process, however with the tool taking several months to manufacture, the engineering team were under pressure to accelerate progress. Due to pressure on the project’s timescales, there was an urgent need to provide an appropriate manufacturing solution that would quickly deliver physical components.

The Solution

Following an initial consultation and an informative factory tour, the customer engagement process began. Our dedicated engineering team undertook a review of the components and explored potential improvements to suit the manufacturing process. Our unique Soluble Block Mould

Lost-Wax Investment Casting process capably produces parts which replicate those produced by the Die-casting process. Given this, by utilising our process in the pre-production manufacturing stage, this ensured a degree of continuity in readiness for full production commencing.

Project Achievement

  • 3D print wax masters to Rapid Prototype 6 Investment Cast parts, for CNC machine set-up approval within 3 days, thus enabling the customer to be fully prepared to machine parts when production castings came from the tool.
  • Successfully produced Aluminium Production Tooling in only 11 days.
  • Manufactured 3,000 components within 10 weeks of the initial customer engagement.

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