Casting Broccoli

What better way to show the true detail that we can achieve using the Sylatech Casting method to cast some broccoli. So we did, along with a pinecone and some raspberries.

Using our soluble mould system, instead of putting wax masters attached to a wax tree into a steel box, we simply just put the natural components in the picture into the steel box and surrounded them with plaster. The fresh, natural components were then simply burnt out and with the help of our vacuum system, a perfect cavity was formed. Brass was then poured into the mould and the broccoli, pinecone and berries were cast.

The photograph shows the outcome. No post-machining has taken place. The components are as cast. Incredible tolerances can be achieved and extremely intricate detail without the need for machining. This can ensure our customers save significant money on unit prices. Enquire about Investment Castings today for a quick quotation.

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