Investment Casting From 3D Prints

In collaboration with Sylatech Ltd, we can utilise the Ultimaker 3D printing technology to prototype sample parts for customers. This enables them to test their designs without having to invest and commit in tooling ahead of Sylatech’s investment casting process. This yields significant time- and cost savings as fewer tooling modifications are necessary.

The Challenge

Traditionally, design engineers would have been unable to fully test the functionality of their designs without investing in tooling ahead of investment casting. This is because if tooling modifications were required with a part, this would be both time-consuming and costly.

The Solution

The Ultimaker 3D printer has enabled customers to become more confident in their designs within a shorter time period, thus resulting in the accelerated placement of tooling orders for production. Whereas the tooling process would take about 3-4 weeks to complete, a 3D print can be undertaken within a matter of hours. With this 3D printing technology engineers can now have their designs transformed into a metal part within a number of days.

The Results

  • Accelerated placement of tooling orders
  • Reduced level of tooling modifications
  • Flexibility in the product design lifecycle
  • Time- and cost savings

Customers have an accelerated placement of tooling orders for production and a reduced level of tooling modifications. By 3D printing prototypes, customers have seen the requirement for tool modifications fall to less than 5%.

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