Polyurethane Mouldings/ Vacuum Castings

We are manufacturers of Precision Polyurethane Mouldings and have been involved in some excellent projects from companies in many industries (predominately Medical). With our state of the art facilities and technical knowledge, we can manufacture high-precision components at very competitive prices.


From the very beginning, our technical staff provide help and guidance on your component design. We believe this adds value because we can also help lower your costs. We put particular focus on the process requirements and the selection of correct material.

Tolerances and Wall Thickness

Standard wall thicknesses are 3-4mm, but this can be reduced to 1.5mm in local areas or indeed increased to the required thickness, whilst ribs, bosses and other changes in thickness can be achieved. The general tolerance criteria is ±0.3mm up to 300mm (±0.1mm per additional 100mm thereafter).


Features normally requiring separate machining operations including threads, studs, bushes and complex apertures (e.g. ‘D’ holes) can be included in components to reduce post finishing operations and reduced product costs.

Mould Tooling

Tools and mould tooling is manufactured to very high standards using the latest developments in resin, plastic and composite materials. We combine traditional skills with 3D CAD/CAM facilities and CNC Machining Technology to produce high quality tooling and components quickly and economically.

Additional Processes

Paint spraying facilities are used to finish components using conventional acrylic paints, whilst EMI and RFQ screening can be applied.


Cast material densities allow threaded holes to be introduced directly to the material, as well as other machining operations that cannot be incorporated in the mouldings.

Component Materials

Using the latest advances in Polyurethane technology, we produce components that are strong, dense and impact resistant or soft and malleable. Material specifications can be supplied on request and fire retardant material (UL 94/VO specification) is available.

Finishing and Assembly

We undertake full product assembly and packing, using either free issue or brought in parts and packaging, to provide further customer cost savings and avoid additional handling problems.

Inspection and Quality Control

Quality is monitored throughout the manufacturing process, with regular inspections using specific gauges and jigs together with conventional measuring equipment. This dedication to quality control – as specified in our QA Manual, conforming to ISO 9001:2015 standards – ensures consistently high standards are maintained.


All of our components are packed carefully and securely to ensure they arrive to you in the condition they left us. We use leading courier services and deliver using Express Service (next day delivery). If you require a different type of service, please let us know.