Pressure Die Casting

We offer both Low Pressure and high-pressure die Castings.

High-Pressure Die Castings – Molten metal is injected into a die under very high pressure. Perfectly suited for high production runs and wall thicknesses can be as thin as 1-2.5mm. High Pressure Die Castings offer the best quality surface finish and a high surface grain is obtainable. Full heat treatment is not possible for High Pressure Die Castings. Natural castings are very high strength. More susceptible to porosity although evacuated chamber and other methods can be used to reduce this. The start up costs are very high and long term production runs are required for you to really appreciate the very low cost unit prices.

Low Pressure Die Castings – This is a development of the permanent mould process – the metal enters the die from below. The metal is held in place by the pressure of gas until it solidifies. Complex machinery is required just like High Pressure Die Castings. Production rates are good, although not as good as High Pressure Die Casting. Wall thicknesses can be as little as 2-3mm. Yields are high and expected over 90%. It is possible to obtain porosity-free castings.

Pressure Die Casting


It is well known that Die Casting Tooling is high cost. However, the initial high start-up costs can quickly be eradicated because of the low-cost unit prices available for high batch sizes.

All tooling is manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC Machinery and fully inspected before production runs can go ahead.


A variety of Major Non-Ferrous metal alloys are available for your Pressure Die Casting requirements.

Aluminium Alloys – LM5, LM6, LM9, LM16, LM24, LM25, LM27 and LM31

Zinc Alloys – ZL3, ZL8, ZL12 and ZL27.

To see these alloys in a comparison table with their characteristics and other properties investigated, please click here.

Finished Casting

Castings are hand-finished by our highly skilled workforce and checked for accuracy and consistency using specific gauges and jigs. A final shot-blasting process enables anodising, alochroming or painting to be applied without further surface finishes required.


Our Aluminium Castings are individually inspected during production and on completion, with Certification and Inspection Reports provided as appropriate, all in accordance to our ISO 9001:2015 standards.


In-house machined components are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery. Certificate of Conformance or Inspection Reports can be provided as appropriate. We have a fully equipped in-house machine shop that boasts CNC Milling and CNC Turning capabilities. We can, if required, also offer conventional methods of machining!

Surface Finishes

We supply your components complete to drawing specification. This includes a wide variety of post cast finishes. We work with a small group of local companies that are approved suppliers. We have a great relationship and share high levels of trust. We can offer heat treatment (to varying specifications), X-ray, Crack Detection, Anodising, Alochroming, Impregnation, Hot Isostatic Pressing and Plating. We have in-house painting services and can offer wet paint or powder coat finishes to a very high standard.


The basic tolerance up to 25mm for Pressure Die Casting is ±0.075 (Aluminium) and ±0.05 (Zinc). The additional tolerance for each further 25mm is ±0.04 (Aluminium) and ±0.025 (Zinc).

Quality Control

Stringent quality control procedures apply through the production process, as reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Pattern Equipment Manufacture – Combining traditional skills with 3D CAD/CAM facilities to produce high-quality tooling and components, quickly.


All of our components are packed carefully and securely to ensure they arrive to you in the condition they left us. We use leading courier services and deliver using Express Service (next day delivery). If you require a different type of service, please let us know.