The Ultimaker 3 Is Put To The Test

The Ultimaker 3 has arrived, with this new state of the art 3-D technology we are able to deliver rapid prototypes in very short lead times.

The Ultimaker 3 gives you complete design freedom like no other 3-D printer, it has combine build and water-soluble support for materials to create complex mechanical parts and intricate surface. With its new auto nozzle mechanism you will have a smooth, professional finish with every print. The new print core for the Ulitmaker 3 is faster, allowing shorter lead times for rapid prototypes and easier maintenance.

With the ultimaker 3 you are able to create intricate shapes and remove supports by resting the print in water, without leaving a trace. These features make the Ultimaker 3 one of the leading 3-D printers on the market.

The Sylatech investment casting process combined with the Ultimaker 3 rapid prototyping technology we can:

  • Provide quick lead times
  • Produce small complex detail on internal and external surfaces
  • Provide thin wall sections
  • Provide superfine surfaces

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